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Personalized Family Cups

If you have a family or live with a group of flatmates you understand the frustration that goes along with the following scenario; "Who cup is that?", "Which cup is mine?", "Thats my cup!". My favorite is the call to dinner with all the kids piling into the kitchen, passing several cups on the counter, only to grab a new one from the cupboard, Ugh! MyColourCup for families are personalized with all your families names. They are unique and durable cups that can display up to six names on the cups rotatable band, making it easy to claim and reuse again and again.

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ORDER DETAILS:  Sold per Cup. Enter a name for each of the six colored windows separated by a comma. Say blank if you do not want a name entered. * Have extra windows?  How about "friend", "guest", "ring in"....

  • Reusable, stackable, BPA free plastic, dishwasher safe, and can hold 450 ml
  • MyColourCup names are personalized on a vinyl label with super permanent adhesive, then a protective overlaminate is applied which protects the colors so it can withstand the harsh conditions of the household dishwasher. 


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$5.85 per cup


Product Reviews

  • Brilliant idea!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Nov 2013

    I was sick of the kids using a different cup every time they had a drink. Now they have their individually named cups they use the same one each time! Brilliant idea :)

  • Best Purchase EVER!!!!!

    Posted by Sherri on 31st Oct 2013

    With 5 children, I was sick and tired of a new cup being used every time they wanted a drink. One day I counted 15 used cups on the sink!!!!! Enough was enough. With the set of My Colour Cup, sitting on the bench, the children use their cups, rinse them out and put them back on the cup station. This has saved many arguments, reduced the amount of dirty dishes, and I can tell at a glance whose cup is missing and generally, once I mention it, they are back on the cup station within 30 sec's. I LOVE IT!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!


    Posted by Bec on 22nd Oct 2013

    Hi, we're a family of 6 (2 adults, 4 kids) and as soon as I saw your product online, I just had to buy it. It hasn't failed to disappoint. The kids love them and our cup usage has dramatically reduced! I think that this idea will also be great when one of the kids is sick (this hasn't happened since we got our cups...phew) as the older kids (9 & 7) we always saying...."is this H's cup cause she has a cold and I don't want it!" And now our other cups are used just for our guests. They are also great in the dishwasher. Thanks for a brilliant idea that suits this family

  • Thanks for stopping the arguments

    Posted by A Jarrett on 22nd Oct 2013

    I have twin boys, dad and mum - there was always fighting over who gets what colour cup - so these have saved all arguments - oh the peace - well sort of...

  • Colour cups are the best

    Posted by Yvonne Ashton on 19th Sep 2013

    My family really enjoy your colour cups. Even my 3year old granddaughter knows her cup and her name. She also knows everyone elses. They are a great idea for large families and there are no arguments over "she/he is using my cup". Thank you very much.

  • Personalized cups are perfect for big families!

    Posted by Terry on 12th Sep 2013

    We have five kids. These cups are perfect for us! Each kid gets their own cup. It really cuts back on the bickering! Personalized cups are such an awesome idea!

  • Custom Plastic Cup For Families

    Posted by Sally on 9th Aug 2013

    These custom plastic cups are perfect for families. We have a big family and it seems like there are always a million cups around. These cups have really helped with that. Now we can reuse these awesome cups. It really cuts down on the dishes!

  • Great for kids

    Posted by Andrew R on 4th Apr 2013

    My 2 boys love these cups. They are constantly changing the color slider and think they are the most fun cups we ever got.  They are so into these cups that they even ask for more drinks just so they can use them.

  • And for our grandchildren too........

    Posted by Ian on 29th Jan 2013

    I bought a set for the grandchilden; however, their grandmother decided they were too good to pass on so we've retained them at the grandparent's house for use when the grandchildren visit!

  • Love these cups

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jan 2013

    Four kids, nine cups on the counter, and no one could remember which cup was his, so more cups came out for dinner.  Now each child has only one cup, and my sanity is restored.  Our rule: if a child tries to create confusion and change the name on a cup, that child has to wash all of the cups.  Thank you so much.